Angelica Maria Panayi                                           

- photography

The Love for Mother Nature, led me to document her beauty and details... Since childhood,it became my therapy & passion! I believe that every time spent in nature, it has the ability to heal and recharge our energy.

A few years ago I moved from my native country (Czech Republic), to the Netherlands, where I am currently residing at this moment.

Working abroad gives me the opportunity to fund my passion. It gives me the freedom, to observe, explore and experience, the immense beauty that Mother Nature has to offer, which we all sadly take for granted.

During my travels, I have observed & experienced many unbelievable beautiful outdoor environments. Unfortunately, I must also confess, I have also witnessed, the sad and cruel impact of Mother Nature’s destruction, caused by mankind.

Due to this obvious impact, I decided to change my perspective & attitude. I promised myself, to try to give back more than I can take, in order to play my part, in protecting and preserving the unbelievable beauty of Mother Natures environment, of all the mystical wonders, she freely offers.

I have comprised this beautiful gallery portfolio, to be able to share my personal experience. In each and every photograph; I have tried to capture that precise moment, of my inner self energy, which i connected  with Mother Nature. In simple words, it is the strong feeling of that bond,  between a mother and her child. The feeling of freedom and love.